Here at Our Man Behind The Wheel we take a look at and report on the motor industry, past, present and future, bringing our readers weekly updates on what’s new in the world of motoring and mobility as the pace of new technology is changing the shape of vehicles faster than ever before.

We cover innovations in electric, hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles, as well as the future of self-driving and autonomous cars that may be on our roads sooner than we think or may even like.

Motorsport is often the proving ground for new car technology by manufacturers and so we look at new innovations in racing cars and cover some of the new racing series such as FIA E-Prix Championship and Extreme Racing and what the manufacturers are learning from competing in these races.

Road safety is becoming increasingly important and so we cover topics such as what tyres you should be fitting to your car depending on where you live and the season of the year, as well as basic maintenance tips we should be carrying out on our cars on a regular basis to keep us safe on the roads.

We regularly report on the new and used car market and innovations in online car buying and virtual showrooms.

The Classic Car market is going through a resurgence at the moment, with restoration specialists growing in numbers, as enthusiasts look to restore their old classics, with many choosing to convert them to electric so they survive long into the future.

We will also report on new car launches, and for those armchair motoring enthusiasts amongst you, we do regular book reviews and cover what’s new in the world of automotive art.

Launched in 2018, this online motoring magazine is a sister publication to our well established travel and lifestyle magazine Our Man On The Ground Travel & Lifestyle.