100th Car S.O.S. Anniversary Show

The current season of Car S.O.S. has been a memorable and moving one, with Tim, Fuzz and the Car S.O.S. team converting some iconic classic cars from former decades.

We have seen the restoration of a little pocket rocket 1989 Fiat Uno Turbo in the first episode, which had been heavily modified but was in a very rotten state with its body kit peeling off and the thin Italian steel badly rusted.

Then in episode 2 Tim and Fuzz brought a 1992 Saab 900 Turbo back to life, after the car had been left standing and rotting away, having only been driven once by its current owner.

Ford Escort RS 2000

Episode 3 saw a classic Ford Escort RS2000 being fully restored, followed by a 1992 Volkswagen Corrado 16v in episode 4, which belonged to Ash, an electrician from Huddersfield who had sadly been diagnosed with testicular cancer and then almost died from sepsis, and was left unable to work on his beloved car, which was left rotting away behind an industrial estate.

We have seen Tim and Fuzz restore some unusual vehicles in the past, but episode 5 was perhaps the most unusual, when they restored an old Dennis Fire engine from the 1970s.

A 1993 Mk 4 Toyota Supra got a makeover in episode 6, owned by former motorcycle racer Lisa who was involved in an horrific motorbike accident and nearly lost her legs as a result. The driver’s seat was modified so that Lisa could once again drive her cherished car.

Tim Shaw and Fuzz Townshend posing next to the restored Dennis Fire Engine in Car S.O.S.

Another car from the 1980s was then brought back to life in episode 7 – a 1984 Opel Manta GT/E – which had been left in a pretty rotten and rusty state. It was also the episode in which Tim learnt how to paint cars and painted this one all by himself, and I have to say, did a fantastic job of it.

In episode 8, the team tackled a 1963 Citroen Hy Camionette in what was perhaps one of the most moving episodes in the show’s history. Taking place at Old Trafford Stadium, this is one of the biggest Car S.O.S. reveals that Tim and Fuzz have done, along with the help of ex-Manchester United football legends Wes Brown and Bryan Robson.

Last week in episode 9, the Car S.O.S. team took on the restoration of a rather sad looking 1994 Vauxhall Cavalier Turbo, which was a bit of a wolf in sheep’s clothing back in its day. There was also a very moving story behind the car, as the team set about converting the car so that Darren, who was left tetraplegic after a horrific motorbike accident, was able to get into the passenger seat and experience his beloved car once again, something he ever thought would be possible.

The MGB GT in poor condition

Tomorrow evening is not only the season finale but also the show’s 100th car to be made-over. In this special anniversary show Tim and Fuzz take on the ambitious transformation of a classic British sportscar – a 1978 MGB GT – converting it from a petrol car to an electric vehicle, their first-ever EV conversion on the show, which wasn’t without its challenges.

The episode features a moving story with Tim and Fuzz taking on the huge challenge of creating a ‘legacy car’ specifically converted to electric so that it lives on in the family for years to come in the memory of a cherished dad and grandad who sadly passed away before the show had time to air.

This 1978 MGB GT was the dream car of former postman Jeff and was supposed to be his perfect retirement project, but poor health took over his life and Jeff sadly passed away earlier this year.

Fully restored 1978 MGB GT

But there is more to this story as Caroline, Jeffs’ daughter promised him on his death bed that she would complete his cherished MG and take his two grandsons Oscar, who is 7 and Ollie who is 8, out for a drive so that they too would hopefully get the bug and inherit their Grandad’s love of old classic cars.

Finding the money to restore the car was a challenge for Caroline and her two sisters and they also did not have the skills to work on the car themselves, so Caroline wrote to the Car S.O.S. team for a second time, to see if they could complete the car in her loving dad’s memory.

Unfortunately, as this was a self-nomination, the Car S.O.S team had to turn her down. But what Caroline did not know is that this was a bluff, and the team were secretly working with her mum Sue, who had given Tim and Fuzz permission to work on the car. It’s a memorable episode not to be missed!

This Car S.O.S. special anniversary episode airs on National Geographic tomorrow evening Thursday 12th May at 8pm.

Author Bio:

Simon Burrell is Editor of Our Man Behind The Wheel, a member of The Guild of Motoring Writers, professional photographer and former saloon car racing driver.

Photographs courtesy of Car S.O.S. and National Geographic/Renegade Pictures

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