Tyre Terms to Know Before Your Next Garage Visit

Tyre jargon with Fuzz Townshend

Last October I spoke with television personality and motoring journalist Fuzz Townshend, who is also Brand Ambassador for Landsail Tyres, one of the most well-established tyre brands worldwide, about choosing a classic car for everyday use.

More recently I sat down with Fuzz to talk about tyre terms every motorist should be familiar with before their next visit to the garage to fit new tyres, because if you’ve ever done your own research into buying tyres for your vehicle, you’ve probably come across a lot of technical terms that have perhaps left you unsure or confused.

To help, Landsail Tyres has simplified the most common jargon, so you can be more confident you’re choosing the right tyres for your vehicle and particular driving style.

SIPES – These are the small slits in the tread that help to move water out and away from the tyre, providing better grip on slippery roads in the wet, snow and ice for safer handling.

CARCASS – This is the tyre framework, made up of different layers of tyre cord and is where the tyre absorbs any shock, weight and internal pressure.

TREAD – The tread is the main patterned part of the tyre that is in contact with the road.

SIDEWALL – This usually contains all the key information about the tyre including brand name, size, speed and load rating and is the main part you see when fitted to your vehicle.

SHOULDER – This is the area between the tread and the sidewall.

BEAD – The inside band of the tyre that fits onto the rim of the wheel is known as the bead. It holds the tyre in place and prevents it from shifting when the car is in motion.

COMPOUND – This refers to the blend of materials that make up the rubber used for the tyre’s tread and can be either hard or soft.

Hopefully this has been helpful but for more information on tyres in general and Landsail Tyres in particular, please visit: www.landsailtyres.co.uk.

Author Bio:

Simon Burrell is Editor of Our Man Behind The Wheel, a professional photographer and former saloon car racing driver.

Photograph courtesy of Landsail Tyres

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