Bespoke Liveries For Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA

Alfa Romeo recently launched the new Giulia GTA, and to mark the occasion and the 110 years the company has been producing cars, Alfa Romeo have developed a series of modifications and customisations that can be made to both the exterior and interior of the car to suit the individuality of 500 lucky customers, in order to give them a truly customised and unique car.

The new Giulia GTA has been inspired by the Giulia GTA of 1965, the “Gran Turismo Allegerita” developed by Autodelta based on the Giulia Sprint GT that racked up many sporting successes worldwide. Based on the Giulia Quadrifoglio, the new car is fitted with a more powerful version of the Alfa Romeo 2.9-litre V6 Bi-Turbo engine which produces 540hp.

The Giulia GTA is some 100kg lighter that the standard Giulia Quadrifoglio thanks to the use of ultra-light materials and achieves a best-in-class weight/power ratio of 2.82kg/hp.

Rear view of Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA dedicated green livery

The team at Centro Stile Alfa Romeo have replicated some of the evocative liveries that have been associated with the successful racing history of the GTA. This means that customers can choose any one of these special liveries for their new car, as well as select the side number of their choice as well as a matching Goodwool car cover.

Centro Stile Alfa Romeo drew on the brand’s diverse history in creating the new liveries and took their inspiration from some of the GTA’s most prestigious victories. For example, the yellow nose that distinguished the 1971 European Touring Car Championship (ETCC) winning car, as well as the asymmetrical nose from the 1965-1968 Sprint GTA and the symmetrical nose of the GTA 1300 Junior.

The reason for the cars’ painted noses, was due to the need to identify drivers in the same race from one another. This has been reinterpreted and, combined with the lateral stripes, evokes Alfa Romeo’s racing heritage. The bonnet incorporates elements of the Alfa Romeo logo such as the cross, the Biscione and the Italian flag.

Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA dedicated Red Livery

Perhaps the most memorable liveries were the ones in ochre and white and red and yellow. The ochre dates back to the 1750 GTAm in which Toine Hezemans won the ETCC in 1970, while the Biscione on the bonnet and lines on its sides are a nod to the GTA 1300 Junior. The longitudinal stripes were aesthetic quirks of the individual drivers.

The Giulia GTA and GTAm are available in a choice of GTA Red, Trophy White and Montreal Green, the colours of the Italian flag. Customers can also choose from a range of colours for the car’s brake calipers, roll bar, seat belts and stitching.

Every new car also includes a Bell helmet in special GTA livery, a tailor-made Goodwool car cover and a driving course at the Alfa Romeo Driving Academy. The GTAm also comes with full Alpinestars racing apparel including race suit, gloves and shoes.

Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA dedicated Yellow Livery

If you’d like to have some fun configuring your own bespoke Giulia GTA and GTAm, then you can visit

The new Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA and Giulia GTAm start from €176,500 and €181,500 OTR respectively in the UK. For further information please visit

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Simon Burrell is Editor of Our Man Behind The Wheel, a professional photographer and former saloon car racing driver.

Photographs courtesy of Alfa Romeo

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