First Aston Martin Valkyrie Car Completed

Aston Martin have just completed building the first customer Valkyrie. The much anticipated hypercar has now gone into full production at the Aston Martin Gaydon Headquarters, which means that customers will start receiving delivery of their cars in the next few weeks.

As with all Aston Martin’s sports cars, the new Valkyrie is being built at the company’s UK Headquarters in Gaydon where a dedicated project delivery team manages the build from start right through to the car’s delivery in a specially commissioned Valkyrie production area at Gaydon.

Aston Martin Valkyrie being assembled

Each of the 150 cars are hand built by a team of highly skilled technicians, with each Valkyrie taking over 2000 man hours to assemble.

Upon completion and before the cars are delivered to their new owners, each one is given a shake down and track-tested at the Aston Martin high performance facility at Silverstone, which is where much of the development of the Valkyrie originally took place.

The Aston Martin Valkyrie is hand built

At the heart of the Aston Martin Valkyrie is a powerful hybrid V12 engine that is capable of developing a maximum power of 1,155PS. This revolutionary hypercar also incorporates concepts and technologies that have been taken directly from Formula One®.

Aston Martin Chief Executive Officer, Tobias Moers commented on this milestone:

“It is an immensely proud moment for us to complete our first ever hypercar. The Aston Martin Valkyrie programme has tested everyone who has worked on it to the limit but the commitment to the dream has produced a truly incredible car, an F1® car for the road. The Valkyrie is born out of the steadfast dedication of a large group of highly skilled engineers and technicians who have worked tirelessly to get Valkyrie to the production stage. I’m sure our customers will be delighted with what they have achieved.”

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Simon Burrell is Editor of Our Man Behind The Wheel, a professional photographer and former saloon car racing driver.

Photographs courtesy of Aston Martin

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