New Pirelli P Zero Elect For The All-Electric BMW iX

Pirelli has announced that their P Zero Elect tyres are to be fitted to the all-electric BMW iX SUV as original equipment, as well as for the xDrive50 and the sportier M60 versions.

P Zero Elect tyres are available for the BMW iX xDrive50 version in 255/50R21 109Y XL and 275/40R22 107Y XL sizes, with the latter size also available for the sportier M60 version of the SUV. A star on the sidewall of the tyre indicates that the tyres have been specially developed for BMW as part of Pirelli’s ‘perfect fit’ philosophy. It also includes a 22-inch BMW iX tyre with more grip than the other two, to give maximum performance. These tyres have an “I” on the sidewall as well as the star marking.

Pirelli has greatly expanded the number of Elect tyres it fits as original equipment to the latest generation of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles as the EV market grows.

Elect tyres, such as the P Zero developed for the BMW iX, offer supreme driving comfort with reduced road noise as well as impressive grip and a long range. The development of these new tyres by Pirelli for the BMW iX underlines the company’s commitment in designing specific tyres for electrified cars, BEVs and plug-in hybrids.

All-Electric BMW iX fitted with Pirelli P Zero Elect

The P Zero Elect tyres for the BMW iX have been developed to give low rolling resistance, allowing the SUV to travel for more kilometres and miles following a full charge. They even have an ‘A’ rating on the European tyre label to certify this particular feature, meaning the driver is able to immediately take full advantage of all the car’s performance.

The new tyre’s profile is also important in giving good mileage and offers improved aerodynamics compared to the standard P Zero. What this means in practice, is that the external profile has been modified to ensure that the tyre protrudes less, as electric cars tend to be a lot heavier, thereby reducing aerodynamic turbulence while improving overall efficiency and without sacrificing adequate rim protection.

Comfort was also an important factor in developing the tyre, and so the Pirelli P Zero Elect tyres for the BMW iX come with PNCS (Pirelli Noise Cancelling System) technology, which reduces road noise. This consists of a specific sound-absorbing material that is placed inside the tyre which dampens the acoustic vibrations that would otherwise be transmitted into the car. The tyre structure has also been optimised to cope with the considerable weight of the all-electric BMW iX, ensuring optimal levels of driving safety in all road conditions.

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