Limited Edition Lister LFT-C

Lister Motor Company, the iconic British car manufacturer, is to launch the most powerful open-top supercar its ever made with their specially designed and created version of the hugely successful LFT-666, the new Lister LFT-C.

The price tag is an eye-watering £139,000 but you do get a solid silver plaque on the engine cover!  However, very few people will be able to enjoy that engine cover, as only 10 cars are being built.

The Lister-tuned supercharged 666 bhp V8 engine will power the LFT-C from 0-62mph in a fraction over 3 seconds and then on to a top speed in excess of, wait for it, 205mph!

Lister LFT-C Rear

The LFT-C gets the same bespoke wheels, exhaust, suspension and braking system as the LFT-666, but also receives a beautifully crafted bespoke handstitched interior.

The car will have exclusive carbon fibre body panels, designed and manufactured by Lister here in the UK.  Special Lister goodies include a new grille design and their own front bumper, plus a front splitter, rear diffuser, rear lip spoiler, rear extended wheel arches and new special lightweight alloy wheels shod with Michelin tyres.

The LFT-C will benefit from an uprated suspension and braking system as well as a specially created bespoke exhaust system which will make listening to that supercharged V8 a joy when out on the open road with the top down.

Lister LFT-C Interior

As an LFT-C customer, you will be able to choose your own specification, from the car’s paint finish to the design and colour of the wheels.  The interior of the LFT-C will be completely retrimmed and stitched together by hand using the finest Nappa hides from Bridge of Weir leather.

With Lister only making 10 of these beautiful cars, they will be extremely rare, so you are unlikely to see one on the roads unless you are particularly lucky.

By comparison, the LFT-666 coupé was limited to 99 cars, with orders received from all around the world.  The first deliveries began in January, with all of the 2019 allocation having now been sold.

Lister LFT-C Profile

CEO of The Lister Motor Company Lawrence Whittaker said that “Launching the new LFT-C is a personal triumph, as I have always loved convertible cars, even since my 2nd car, an MG Midget.  While we are famous for cars like the Knobbly and the Storm, the LFT series heralds a new era for Lister and continues our historical enhancement of Jaguar drive trains, which dates back to 1957.  In 2019, we will see the launch of at least two new cars and have also just opened our new £5m headquarters in Lancashire that will be known as the home of the new Lister.  There is lots more to come, and we look forward to sharing more news in the near future.”

If you would like to see the LFT-C and LFP SUV in the flesh, both cars will be on display at Lister’s brand-new purpose-built headquarters in Blackburn, Lancashire, alongside some other classic Lister models and classic cars.

For more information on Lister please visit their website

Author Bio:

Simon Burrell is Editor-in-Chief of Our Man Behind The Wheel and Our Man On The Ground Travel and Lifestyle Magazine.

Photographs courtesy of Lister Motor Company

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