DBS GT Zagato Revealed

To mark the Centenary of world-renowned Italian design house Zagato, the company has revealed the first detailed renderings of a stunning new DBS GT Zagato.

The dramatic and quite radical design of this unique DBS project is a tribute to the past and future, celebrating Zagato’s bold and rather breathtaking designs that get the heart racing.

Only 19 cars are to be built at Aston Martin’s Gaydon headquarters, which will be paired with the DB4 GT Zagato Continuation, to create the DBZ Centenary Collection, priced at £6m.

Rear of DBS GT Zagato
Rear of DBS GT Zagato

Zagato have taken the acclaimed DBS Superleggera as their base car to create this next evolution Aston Martin, inspired by the gorgeous shape of the DB4 GT Zagato.  Designers at both Aston Martin and Zagato have worked hard at the drawing board to create this quite frankly, very evocative design.

The iconic double-bubble roof remains as a key design feature and runs the length of the canopy, allowing for a clean flowing design from the windscreen right through to the car’s rear end.  The flowing lines of the double-bubble are also seen in the car’s bonnet.  Coupled with a wide wrap-around windscreen, you can see hardly any hard lines in the upper half of the car, giving it those sleek lines.

However, don’t let those sleek lines deceive you, as this is a seriously powerful supercar, with muscular rear haunches, hinting at the power that can be unleashed.

DB4 GT Zagato Continuation
DB4 GT Zagato Continuation

The DBS GT Zagato has a rather imposing front grille and headlamps as well as bespoke wheels, designed exclusively for the car.

Marek Reichman, Aston Martin Lagonda’s Executive Vice President and Chief Creative Officer says of the DBZ Zagato Collection: “In the DB4 GT Zagato Continuation we have one of the world’s most beautiful and instantly recognisable pieces of car design.  Creating a car fit to stand alongside it was always going to be a formidable challenge, but also a great motivation.  Both design teams at Aston Martin and Zagato have together risen to the task magnificently; taking the already fabulous DBS Superleggera and shaping something which retains its identity as an Aston Martin, but expresses itself as only a Zagato can.  Sensational-looking and extremely rare, it is the modern incarnation of a timeless icon.”

The DBS GT Zagato will only be available as part of the £6m DBZ Centenary Collection, making it one of the rarest and most coveted of all the modern-era Aston Martin Zagatos to own.

DBS GT Zagato Profile
DBS GT Zagato Profile

Customers can expect deliveries of their new DB4 GT Zagato Continuation in the last quarter of this year, whilst the DBS GT Zagato is expected to be delivered in the last quarter of 2020.

For more information on the DBZ Centenary Collection please visit www.zagato.it

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Simon Burrell is Editor-in-Chief of Our Man Behind The Wheel and Our Man On The Ground Travel and Lifestyle Magazine.

Photographs courtesy of Aston Martin

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