British Built ‘Vantare’ GT Supercar

Vantare means to give promise, show off or boast in Italian and this stunning car most certainly has a lot to boast about. In this age of rather boring looking electric vehicles that all look pretty similar and to me seem rather soulless, it is so refreshing to see a new beautifully designed sleek sports car with exquisite lines. This is a stunning car from every angle you look at it.

Created by performance car specialists British Automotive Engineering in Essex, the Vantare is all-British and proud of it and that’s most certainly something else to boast about.

Vantare front

The base vehicle is an Aston Martin DB9 which is completely stripped down leaving the chassis, suspension and that wonderful naturally aspirated Aston Martin 6.0-litre V12 engine that produces a whopping 450bhp and can be tuned to kick out a thumping 500bhp should you so wish. But with the standard car whisking you to 60mph in just 4.7 seconds with its paddle-shift gearbox and taking you on to a staggering 180mph, I wonder how many customers will actually need that extra 50bhp.

This Grand Touring coupe is the brain-child of English actor and television presenter Bradley Walsh, who admits that he is a self-confessed Bond ‘megafan’ and let’s be honest, who isn’t, judging by the positive reception the latest Bond film received, which featured no less than four Aston Martins from yesteryear and today.

Vantare rear

The Vantare has been designed to meet the demands of performance combined with all the safety features you’d expect today, mixed together with modern day features and classic 60s refinement. In short, a car ‘Q’ himself would be proud to give 007, just so long as he brings it back in one piece!

I am struck by the sheer beauty of the Vantare which in appearance is a modern, sleek version of the DB5. It looks powerful, yet refined, a car you would not mess with if you saw it fast approaching in your rear view mirror. And let’s be honest, few cars would be able to keep up with it anyway given that V12 heart under its bonnet.

Vantare engine

The car has been designed and built using the best available British Manufacturing Companies, creating bespoke specialist parts such as the windscreen and surrounding glass windows which were all custom made.

The body panels are made with hand-laid carbon fibre, using traditional coachbuilding techniques and the body had been strengthened so it can handle the extra power with ease.

Vantare rear quarter

It takes between 16 to 20 weeks to build a new Vantare from start to finish and only 10 lucky owners will get their hands on this unique limited edition car, as only 10 are to be produced. Each car will be individually custom built to the owner’s specification, with a list of options that include the paint finishing process, wheel finish options, such as paint and chrome effect to the 20 inch Milled Billet Aluminium wheels which are reminiscent of the Aston Martins of the 1960’s.

Climb inside the sumptuous bespoke leather cabin and you will find a re-sculpted dashboard with retro style dials and redesigned air vents plus a sophisticated 9-inch central touchscreen display offering a DAB radio with surround sound, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well as satellite navigation. Even the leather car seats have been remodelled with extra bolstering at the sides to give added support when cornering.

Vantare interior

Bradley Walsh commented:

“The Vantare is the ultimate expression of Britishness and individuality, a modern appreciation of the exquisite 1960’s automotive style evolved for the discerning sports and Continental driver.”

The Vantare was on display at last week’s Classic Motor Show at the NEC, but if you missed it there, it will be at the Goodwood Festival of Speed between 23rd and 26th June 2022 and at Goodwood Revival between 16th to 18th September 2022.

Car's profile

We hope to be able to bring you a full road test report in the near future as we put the Vantare through its paces.

So, if you were attending COP26 this is probably not the car for you as it will return around 18mpg on an urban cycle, but if my numbers happen to come up on Saturday night’s draw, I know what car I will be putting an order in for, and it won’t be an EV that’s for sure!

For more information on the limited edition Vantare, which starts from £275,000, please visit:

Author Bio:

Simon Burrell is Editor of Our Man Behind The Wheel, a professional photographer and former saloon car racing driver.

Photographs courtesy of British Automotive Engineering

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